Premade Book Cover Terms of Sale

Since we want this to be a mutually beneficial (and possibly on-going) relationship, we at Rook Book Designs think it’s important to put things in writing so we’re all on the same page. By purchasing this cover you agree to the terms below.


  • Covers are sold as-is except for the replacement of the placeholder text with your own.
  • When you purchase the cover, provide your book title, author name, series title (if applicable), and any tagline in the additional information field.
  • Minor changes to the cover might be possible. Contact us with the request BEFORE PURCHASE and we will let you know whether or not it’s possible and if there will be an additional charge.  
  • We’ll deliver final files within 5 days of purchase assuming all necessary information is included in the order form, barring acts of Photoshop or rains of toad (we’ll be in touch if there’s an excess of toads). 


  • You are purchasing the license to the ebook cover in a standard size plus 3D mockup. Rook Book Designs grants you exclusive license to use the final cover design artwork for publication and associated marketing. If you require any other use of the artwork, please contact Rook Book to confirm so we can assure that both you and us don’t contravene the stock image licensing. Additional charges may be required to acquire additional licensing. 
  • You cannot resell the book cover without being granted permission, and you or another designer cannot copy the branding of the cover or series. If you wish to continue the series with another designer, contact us to request permission. 
  • Rook Book Designs will not resell the cover, but we retain the right to use the final cover in our own marketing and display it in our portfolio. 
  • As this is a digital product, I do not accept cancellations/refunds/exchanges.


  • An ebook cover: 6×9 inches (1800x2700px) with 300 DPI (If you need a different size, let me know before ordering – it shouldn’t be an issue, but I’d rather make sure than disappoint you)
  • A 3D mockup in the listing.


After your purchase, we’ll review your order and request any missing information using the email provided. To ensure quick processing, make sure you include the title, author name, series title (if this is a series), and tagline (optional).

It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check that this information is accurate. If you realize you’ve made a mistake, contact us ASAP at rookbookdesigns (at)


If you need any of the following add-ons, reach out to us after purchase:

  • Print cover $50
  • Audiobook cover 45$

For other services, please contact us for a quote.

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